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Infection Prevention and Control in Hospitals: FAST

Finding TB cases, Actively screening, Separating safely and Treating comprise the central pillars to efforts aimed at reducing onward transmission of TB and avoid related deaths. The USAID TB South Africa Project implements the FAST Approach in health facilities within supported districts on the premise that most TB transmission occurs from infected populations with undiagnosed TB and who are, therefore, not being effectively managed.

Some people with unsuspected and undiagnosed TB visit health facilities for other ailments. In the absence of targeted interventions, many of them leave the health facility without being diagnosed with TB. The FAST Approach contributes to improvements in TB screening, treatment initiation and reporting systems. It is particularly useful for increasing awareness of risk of TB among healthcare workers in South Africa, who are reportedly three times more likely to become infected with TB than other populations.

Results achieved in implementing the Approach indicates that the initiative is feasible. The USAID TB South Africa Project continuously seeks opportunities to expand the intervention to many more hospitals in supported the districts.