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Collin Goliath has regained his strength and returned to work

Collin Goliath
Publication date: 
May 2020

Collin Goliath was admitted to the Care Ministry DSTB programme in October 2019. He lives within the catchment area of Chatty in Sub-District C of the Nelson Mandela Bay Health District. Collin used to work as an ambulance driver but had to stop work due to illness.

This caused him great stress particularly as he was the bread winner at home and suddenly became dependent solely on his son’s child support grant. His loss of employment also affected his self-esteem as he very much valued his work and the role he played within his community.

At first the DOT supporter visited Collin daily as a high priority patient and thereafter three times a week as a medium priority and by the fourth month only once a week, indicating that he was accepting responsibility for his own health and recovery.

Emotional support was offered, and the Social Worker referred him for nutritional support at the health facility. He was also encouraged to start a vegetable garden in order to ease the burden on his meagre finances.

Collin complied well with all the support he was offered and was able to regain his strength and has subsequently returned to work. We are proud of the fact that he will be completing his treatment in April of 2020.

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