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Janine showed no signs or symptoms of TB

Publication date: 
May 2020

Janine is a resident of the farm Berg-en-Dal in the Citrusdal area. She is employed by the farm management as a health care worker in their offices.  She believed that she will never get TB because she is young and healthy.  She also had no signs or symptoms of TB.

But then she started to lose weight and could not control it.  She went from clinic to medical doctor and nobody could find the problem.  She was then admitted to hospital and only then did they screen and test her for TB.  Her test came back positive and treatment was started on 10 February 2020.

After being discharged from hospital she was admitted to the Cederberg Matzikama AIDS Network’s (CMAN) care for community daily directly observed therapy (DOT).  She is visited every day by a community health care worker to observe her taking her treatment.  She is still not strong enough to return to work but committed to getting healthier.

Janine lives on the farm with her parents.  CMAN conducted contact management and found that both parents tested negative.  Their health is also closely monitored during the daily visits. She converted to negative 2nd month sputum on 23rd March 2020.

Janine’s diagnosis did not come easy and because of stigma some of the other farm workers and management did not want her back on the farm. But through continuous peer education and door-to-door TB screening by CMAN the disease and its risks are now better understood.

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