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National TB Management Guidelines 2014

National TB Management Guidelines 2014
Publication date: 
Jan 2014


Tuberculosis and HIV/ AIDS are the drivers of morbidity and mortality in the country. Therefore more effort must be put into strategies that help us to:

  1. reduce transmission of infection in the communities,
  2. diagnose DS-TB and DR-TB early,
  3.  initiate treatment in all patients diagnosed with TB early,
  4. retain patients in treatment and care until completion of treatment and
  5. prevent TB in people lining with HIV by initiating all eligible HIV positive people on ART and Isoniazid preventive therapy.

Implementing all these strategies in combination will help us as a country to attain the Millennium Development Goals.

To this end, we have introduced new rapid diagnostic tests for drug susceptible and drug resistant TB, additional and new medicines for treating MDR and XDR-TB and are scaling up ward based outreach teams as part of PHC re engineering to provide care and support for patients at home and promote healthy lifestyle.

Health care professionals play a pivotal role in the management of TB patients and we remain grateful for their dedication and hard work. I would like to invite all partners and individuals working in the health sector to join us, as we strive to attain our vision of a long and healthy life for all South Africans.