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Nomphendulo's sense of hope for the future was restored

DOT support gave Nomphendulo a sense of hope for the future
Publication date: 
Jul 2020
Authored by Care Ministry, Nelson Mandela Bay Metro in the Eastern Cape that is supported by the USAID TB South Africa Project.


Nomphendulo Hanise is 28 years old living in the catchment area of Veeplaas health facility in Sub-District A of the Nelson Mandela Bay Health District. During the Social Worker’s baseline assessment, it was established that she experienced many financial challenges and her family were unable to meet her basic needs. She was not in receipt of the disability grant and thus solely relied on her mother’s meager salary.

Nomphendulo was highly stressed and cried constantly throughout the assessment. She had limited understanding of tuberculosis and feared the future prognosis.

Several interventions and steps were then taken to assist her. The DOT supporters visited her daily to provide treatment support and TB education. They encouraged her and gave her a sense of hope for the future. The social worker referred Nomphendulo to the clinic for dietary support whilst awaiting the outcome of her disability grant application which was set in motion. The family was also encouraged to plant a vegetable garden for additional nutritional support.

The Care Ministry is proud to report that Nomphendulo responded incredibly well to the broad support offered and is feeling strong and full of hope. Her health has improved, she is now in receipt of a disability grant which has improved her diet and she is emotionally happy and stable.


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