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Nosikhumbuzo enjoys a healthier relationship with her family now

Nosikhumbuzo Klaas
Publication date: 
May 2020

Nosikhumbuzo Klaas was referred to the Care Ministry DOT support programme by Tshangana health facility having defaulted her treatment regimen. On initial meetings with Nosikhumbuzo it was determined that she was drinking heavily which caused her to default her daily treatment. Her relationship with her parents had also broken down significantly so that they were not able to support her to adhere. 

The caregiver visited daily to ensure that she adhered to treatment and provided extensive education to her and the contacts in the household about TB and infection control. 

The Social Worker and Nursing Supervisor also provided extensive counselling support regarding substance abuse, nutrition and budgeting the child support grant she receives in respect of her three children. 

A number of family meetings were conducted to resolve the tensions and conflict between family members and the application for Disability Grant was initiated. 

As a result of this collaborative approach Nosikhumbuzo adhered well to treatment and was discharged as cured on the 9th January 2020. She has stopped drinking and enjoys a healthier relationship with her parents and family members. She is looking good and the Care Ministry is immensely proud of her dedication to turning her life around.

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