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Nosipho is now being looked after properly

Nosipho Nkathu
Publication date: 
May 2020

Nosipho Nkathu lives in the catchment area of Zwide health facility in Sub-District A of the Nelson Mandela Bay Health District. She was admitted to the Care Ministry DOTS programme in June 2019 at which point her health was so poor she was bed ridden.

Although she was in receipt of the disability grant it was apparent that the grant was being misused by her cousins who had been appointed to manage her finances and Nosipho was not being well looked after. She was very sick, depressed and had little hope for her recovery.

The DOT supporter visited daily to ensure she adhered well to treatment and received emotional support and encouragement. She received extensive education regarding TB, infection control and the possibility of beating the illness and recovering.

The Social Worker intervened with regards to the grant payments and a different family member was appointed as her guardian. Nosipho was involved in the process of appointing another family member to budget the grant and to take responsibility for her well-being. As a result of the TB DOT team’s interventions Nosipho has significantly improved health and is physically mobile. She is well supported by her family members and receives the grant to her full benefit. She is due to complete her treatment in April 2020.

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