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Ntombozuko was rejected by her family because of her HIV and MDR-TB status

Ntombozuko was rejected by her family because of her HIV and MDR-TB status
Publication date: 
Jul 2020
Authored by Care Ministry, Nelson Mandela Bay Metro in the Eastern Cape that is supported by the USAID TB South Africa Project.


Ntombozuko Nompunga is 26 years old and lives within the catchment area of Lunga Kobese in Sub-District A of the Nelson Mandela Bay Health District. Ntombozuko was admitted to the Care Ministry programme after being diagnosed with Multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB). She is also HIV positive and therefore was more susceptible to the TB disease.

During initial visits it became clear that she was very emotional, vulnerable and in considerable conflict with her family who rejected her for her reckless behavior and subsequent HIV status. She further alleged that her family abused her disability grant. The resulting stress meant that Ntombozuko was not adhering well to treatment.

Care Ministry provided her and her family with extensive counselling services, education on HIV and TB and discussions were facilitated regarding everyone’s fears and anxieties. Supportive conversations about the negative impact of the stigma and discrimination she experienced from her family helped them to be more understanding towards her. They became involved in supporting her TB treatment journey and as a result all parties involved acknowledged their mistakes and resolved to build a more supportive relationship.

The disability grant is only being used for the benefit of Ntombozuko to ensure good nutrition and her health has improved. Ntombozuko’s self-esteem and confidence have also been boosted and she is committed to adhering to treatment and refraining from the behaviors that cause tension in the household. She is looking forward to beating TB.


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