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Piet is happy to feel alive and strong again 

Publication date: 
May 2020

Piet is 39 years old and was born and raised in Vaalwater where he still lives with his aunt, who is also taking TB treatment.  He found out that he had TB, when Kgatelopele Home Based Care staff met him on the street on their way to conduct an awareness campaign at one of the TB hotspots in ext. 4 in Vaalwater.

Screening him revealed that he had symptoms of TB, including coughing and constant fever.  He gave his sputum to be tested and the results were positive. He started treatment on the 19th November 2019.

A Kgatelopele community health worker started visiting him daily in November 2019 to observe him taking his TB medication. Since he lives across the street from the Kgatelopele Offices, they could also keep an eye on him every day.  

The health workers explained to him that if he complied and adhered to treatment that he will be cured after 6 months. Once he understood that he could be cured, he was resolved to beat the disease.

Kgatelopele provided health education to his family and explained that in order for him to recover, they had to be his buddy caregivers, supporting him emotionally and physically.

He is currently unemployed and spends his time at the dumping site surviving by recycling waste material and taking piece jobs from community members. He is happy to feel alive and strong again and says he can now carry tons of collected recycling goods.

“My treatment journey has been good. I get all the care I can possibly get from anyone; I feel very grateful for the support I get from my family and community health workers”

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