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Siphokazi is fired up and motivated to be a community TB ambassador

Siphokazi Oyo
Publication date: 
May 2020

Siphokazi Oyo was admitted to the Care Ministry DOTS programme in April 2019. During initial meetings Siphokazi presented as extremely depressed. She was often tearful and expressed feelings of hopelessness as well as suicidal thoughts. She could not see any future for herself. She spent most days in bed refusing to get up and isolated herself from everyone around her.

Through daily visits the caregiver was able to establish a close and supportive relationship whilst also ensuring adherence to treatment. Intensive therapeutic sessions were also rendered by the Social Worker and education regarding TB and the successful outcomes of treatment were reinforced by the Nursing Supervisor.

Separate counselling sessions were offered to family members in order to strengthen their ability to offer support as they were struggling with how to assist Siphokazi through the dark times. The family must be commended for their unending love and support of her. Spiritual support was also offered by the health care team.

Siphokazi was discharged as cured at the end of 2019. She has gained weight, is feeling happy and healthy and has been able to return to work. She is incredibly fired up and motivated to be a community ambassador and will be giving input at the upcoming community dialogues in order to inspire others who are facing challenges of TB. The Care Ministry has no doubt that she will be a shining light to many and will encourage communities to beat TB.

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