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Siya was finally able to complete his mechanical engineering studies

Siyabulela Yekani
Publication date: 
May 2020

Siyabulela Yekani lives within the catchment area of Lunga Kobese health facility in Sub-District A of the Nelson Mandela Bay Health District. Siyabulela was referred to the Care Ministry DOTS programme on discharge from Jose Pearson in July 2019.

His poor health had led to the loss of his job and he was stressed, frustrated and depressed. He had been about to finish his mechanical engineering studies but due to the loss of employment was facing many debts on top of trying to regain his health.

The DOT supporter ensured he adhered well to his treatment whilst offering extensive emotional support and encouragement. At the same time the Social Worker assisted him to claim for UIF and continue with his studies whilst regaining his strength and well-being. The process of disability grant was initiated and Siyabulela will receive his first grant payment on the 1st of March.

The DOTS team also referred him to the facility for nutritional support to ease the burden on his finances and allow him to focus on his studies and health. The family were empowered to care for him and provide additional emotional support. Siya has now completed his mechanical engineering studies and will be graduating in August.

He is happy and positive, adhering well to treatment and looking forward to beating TB and returning to structured employment.

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