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TB Journeys Toward Healing

Janine showed no signs or symptoms of TB

May 2020

Janine is a resident of the farm Berg-en-Dal in the Citrusdal area. She is employed by the farm management as a health care worker in their offices.  She believed that she will never get TB because she is young and healthy.  She also had no signs or symptoms of TB.

Piet is happy to feel alive and strong again 

May 2020

“My treatment journey has been good. I get all the care I can possibly get from anyone; I feel very grateful for the support I get from my family and community health workers”

Collin Goliath has regained his strength and returned to work

May 2020
Collin Goliath

Collin Goliath was admitted to the Care Ministry DSTB programme in October 2019. He lives within the catchment area of Chatty in Sub-District C of the Nelson Mandela Bay Health District. Collin used to work as an ambulance driver but had to stop work due to illness.

Nosipho is now being looked after properly

May 2020
Nosipho Nkathu

Nosipho Nkathu lives in the catchment area of Zwide health facility in Sub-District A of the Nelson Mandela Bay Health District. She was admitted to the Care Ministry DOTS programme in June 2019 at which point her health was so poor she was bed ridden.

Siya was finally able to complete his mechanical engineering studies

May 2020
Siyabulela Yekani

Siyabulela Yekani lives within the catchment area of Lunga Kobese health facility in Sub-District A of the Nelson Mandela Bay Health District. Siyabulela was referred to the Care Ministry DOTS programme on discharge from Jose Pearson in July 2019.

Siphokazi is fired up and motivated to be a community TB ambassador

May 2020
Siphokazi Oyo

Siphokazi Oyo was admitted to the Care Ministry DOTS programme in April 2019. During initial meetings Siphokazi presented as extremely depressed. She was often tearful and expressed feelings of hopelessness as well as suicidal thoughts. She could not see any future for herself. She spent most days in bed refusing to get up and isolated herself from everyone around her.

Nosikhumbuzo enjoys a healthier relationship with her family now

May 2020
Nosikhumbuzo Klaas

Nosikhumbuzo Klaas was referred to the Care Ministry DOT support programme by Tshangana health facility having defaulted her treatment regimen.

Lindelwa has made her TB DOT support team very proud

Oct 2019
Lindelwa Mzilikazi

Lindelwa Mzilikazi is a TB patient who's struggle with alcohol and financial stability led to the interruption of her TB treatment and the neglect of her children. 

Ayanda is disabled and suffered from low self-esteem, stress and anxiety

Oct 2019
Ayanda Magxwalisa

Ayanda Magxwalisa lives in the catchment area of Zwide in Sub-District A of Nelson Mandela Health District. On registration for daily TB DOT support, Care Ministry realized that she was being emotionally abused by her daughter who she was dependent on due to a physical disability.

Johanna Jafta’s letter of thanks to her DOT supporters

Apr 2019
Johanna Jafta’s letter of thanks to her DOT supporters

“I hereby wish to express my gratitude and thanks to our dear community health care workers from Mfesane who assist me in my time of sickness. I can openly say that the treatment I receive is very good for me as I’m feeling much stronger and healthier - like I’m a new person."

Damian Tredoux created a graffiti mural for TB awareness and then decided to share his TB story

Mar 2019
Damian Tredoux

"Something close to your heart." - is the first thing my business partner told me when we got invited to join in on an awareness campaign. Only to discover it is for TB. Flashback. Over a decade ago, when the effects of TB left me in a scare for life, breathless, literally, in my left lung. Something I've only been able to talk about with close friends, but can still never get across to them how traumatic it is...

Natalie Joy Carelse believes that prayers carried her through her battle with TB

Mar 2019
Natalie Joy Carelse

Natalie suffered for months in hospital fighting TB and if it wasn't for her faith and the constant prayers from her family, friends and colleagues, she may not have survived. She believes that with the grace of God and family by your side you can combat anything that comes your way.

Sibongile Mashiyi runs for TB awareness

Mar 2019
Sibongile Mashiyi

It was in August 2011 when I started to get sick, not sick enough to be in bed, but I noticed that I sweated a lot especially when sleeping and started losing weight. At the time my mom was in the Eastern Cape working and I was staying with my 3 sisters who were all working, but I was unemployed looking for a job.

Thando Leyane had a treatment, eating and exercise routine that he followed daily

Mar 2019
Thando Eddie Leyane

I am Thando Eddie Leyane from Nelspruit in Mpumalanga. I was diagnosed with pulmonary TB in 2017. My diagnosis caused a lot of tension in my family and community because a lot of people don’t want to accept the fact that TB is there and that it can be deadly if not treated.

Neal Stacey's TB journey turned into a lifelong commitment to stopping the disease

Mar 2019
Neal Anthony Stacey

I have always equated optimism to perspective. As I met more people whilst attending numerous events, I became aware of how much worse other people have had it. All of us had our own suffering. Hard is hard, but there isn’t harder or less hard with TB.

Thabo Pelesane's story - from Victim to Victory

Mar 2019
Thabo Pelesane

I used to feel like I was being punished by having TB repeatedly, mentioning TB irked me so much. At some stage I felt like it was a curse. Little did I know that I would travel the world, be introduced two times in the South African Parliament, meet Presidents, Kings, Princesses, Celebrities and have my story told in foreign countries such as the US and translated to European languages.

Glenda Nozipho Napyane thought it was the end of my life when she was diagnosed with DR-TB

Mar 2019
Glenda Nozipho Napyane

27-year-old Glenda Nozipho Napyane was studying at tertiary level when she was diagnosed with DR-TB after coughing for more than 3 weeks, having night sweats, losing weight and loss of appetite. At the time of diagnoses she was also tested for HIV and the results were positive which was a shock.

Mlandeli Mbunyuza was using drugs and drinking heavily whilst on treatment

Mar 2019
Mlandeli Mbunyuza

Mlandeli Mbunyuza's carer encouraged him daily to take his ART and TB treatment and also to stop his unhealthy habit of smoking dagga and drinking too much alcohol.  

Nondumiso Jack is diabetic and therefor more susceptible to TB

Mar 2019
Nondumiso Jack

Nondumiso Jack is a 55-year-old diabetic that is insulin dependent, but her condition is poorly monitored. As a diabetic she is more likely to be infected by TB due to a compromised immune system. 

Avethandwa Hendricks is 2 years old and living with HIV

Mar 2019
Avethandwa Hendricks

Avethandwa is living with HIV and under the age of 5 which makes her even more susceptible to opportunistic diseases such as TB. Since her mother passed away while she was only a few months old, she is being raised by her maternal aunt.

Sinethemba Genge weighed only 35.5 kg when he was diagnosed with TB

Mar 2019
Sinethemba Genge

Sinethemba Genge’s aunt told a community health care worker about her nephew who is sick but does not want to go to the clinic. She asked the carer to pay him a visit and the carer found him sleeping in bed and sick as the aunt had said.

Athenkosi Mchani and his family were educated about infection prevention at home

Mar 2019
Athenkosi Mchani

Athenkosi Mchani is a DR-TB patient that is being supported by a nurse and social worker from Mfesane in Nelson Mandela Bay Metro. 

Thokozani Khoza regained hope when Fikile arrived at his house

Mar 2019
Thokozani Khoza

Fikile’s daily presence was all Thokozani needed to regain hope that he will be healthy again and be able to look after himself once more. 

Vusumzi Singata’s road to health

Mar 2019
Vusumzi Singata

I went to 60-year-old Vusumzi Singata’s house on the 9th of September 2018 to screen him for TB and he had all the signs and symptoms of TB; a cough that didn’t go away, night sweats, fever and he had lost a lot of weight.

Rufakaliboni Mdladla visited many traditional healers when he could not stop coughing

Mar 2019
Rufakaliboni Mdladla

I had this non-stop cough and pain in my chest. I thought I was bewitched. After some time, I consulted traditional healers for medical attention, until I got to a point where I realized that this is not worth it.

Portia Mavondze considers the caregiver Mukungu a friend for life

Mar 2019
Portia Mavondze

I began treatment in June 2018 and I didn’t like taking the Rifafour medication because I was vomiting and feeling chest pain.  Mukungu, a caregiver from Wisani came to me and she referred me to the clinic to get help.

Johannes van Wyk is not a man of many words

Mar 2019
Johannes van Wyk

Johannes is not a man of many words, but Katy who has been supporting him for months now says that he loves chatting with her, making his TB journey so much easier.

Fundiswa Makasi's family is supporting her through her TB and ART treatment journeys

Mar 2019
Fundiswa Makasi

34-year-old Fundiswa Makasi defaulted on her antiretroviral therapy (ART) treatment and as a result fell very ill. At the clinic she was screened and tested for TB.

Phiwayinkosi Zulu and his family are forever grateful to Phindile

Mar 2019
Phiwayinkosi Zulu

Shortly after being initiated on treatment, Phiwayinkosi stopped taking the medication. After 2 months, the clinic asked Phindile, a community health care worker from a local NGO, to go and find him at home. 

Christopher Sibeko was diagnosed with TB after he collapsed at work

Mar 2019
Christopher Sibeko

Christopher was diagnosed with TB after he collapsed at work. He started treatment in September 2018 and was on the verge of giving up when Thembisile, a community healthcare worker from Breakthru Community Action came to support him.

Nkululeko Mbokazi's first TB test results came back negative

Mar 2019
Nkululeko Mbokazi

Nkululeko Mbokazi was only recently diagnosed with TB. At first his results came back negative for TB, but he was still feeling sick, tired and losing weight since he had no appetite – all symptoms of TB.

Mazwi Miya was giving the nurses a hard time at the clinic

Mar 2019
Mazwi Miya

Mazwi is known as the guy who gave the nurses and everyone at the clinic a hard time. They were all about to give up on him when he defaulted in June 2018 soon after starting treatment. He stopped treatment because he relocated for employment purposes and did not visit the clinic at the new location.

Nomzamo Magubane was diagnosed with TB when she was pregnant

Mar 2019
Nomzamo Magubane

Nomzamo was diagnosed with TB when she was pregnant. She started TB treatment on the 12th of October 2018. Simphiwe, a community healthcare worker from Breakthru Community Action was assigned to assist her on her treatment journey.

Gugu Nobela did not have the means to collect her monthly DR-TB treatment

Mar 2019
Gugu Nobela

Gugu Nobela was diagnosed with DR-TB and was initially initiated last year on the 31st of May 2018. But after she was discharged from the hospital she never went back to the facility for monthly sputum collection since she felt too sick and had no money for transport.

Hlengiwe Mabuza was saved by Linda Bathabile

Mar 2019
Hlengiwe Mabuza

For a long time before she was eventually diagnosed with TB, Hlengiwe Mabuza, a young 22 year old mother living in Kabokweni, a farming town situated in Ehlanzeni district of Mpumalanga, could tell that there was something wrong. Like many other young adults within the small community, she had no understanding of what TB is or how it can impact the immune system.

Jerimia Khiba is TB free now and I can walk again

Mar 2019

I was very sick and my feet were swollen, I could not walk or do anything because of TB. The DOT supporter cared for me, gave me medicine every day and visited me. Today I am TB free and I can walk again

Zandile Vilakazi's journey

Mar 2019
Zandile Vilakazi

Zandile Vilakazi is 36 years old. She lives with her family and no one in her family was previously diagnosed with TB. She was so sick and tired at all times and didn't have an appetite. When she heard that one of her co-workers had TB and she had defaulted, she took time off at work to go to the clinic to test for TB.

Samukelisiwe Buthelezi was considering stopping her treatment when she met Tholakele

Mar 2019
Samukelisiwe Buthelezi

Samkelisiwe started her treatment on the 14th October 2018 after a persistent cough and weight loss. The treatment caused a lot of side effects and she was thinking of stopping the treatment but was also scared of dying.

Gilbert Mafuyeka's family was preparing his funeral

Mar 2019

I was working in Johannesburg with cement.  In June 2018, I started treatment in the Wisani programme.  I weighed 29 kg when I started treatment, after defaulting from previous treatment.  I was drinking and smoking a lot during treatment before and then my mother passed away.

Sisanda Mkhabela (Brave young soldier)

Mar 2019
Sisanda Mkhabela

Sisanda was infected by her mum who was suffering from TB. When she was told that she had TB, she couldn’t accept having such a disease. She wanted to commit suicide because she saw life ending. She would cry daily since she didn’t see change in her situation.

Phineas Mabunda says TB patients must not be ashamed because they can get better

Mar 2019
Phineas Mabunda

I was working in Welkom in 1998 where I got TB for the first time.  In June 2018 the TB reoccurred, when I was weighing 50 kg and was unable to walk long distances. I was always tired and constantly coughing.  I began treatment with Rifafour medication but wasn’t getting any better.  

Sibusiso Ngobeni believes no one should die of TB

Mar 2019
Sibusiso Ngobeni

I began treatment in June, 2018 and was put on rifafour medication.  While taking it my stomach and legs got swollen and I was unable to walk.  I had to go to the hospital to drain the fluid.  I was sleeping a lot after taking treatment and had many side effects.

Lindiwe Zuma's road to recovery

Feb 2019
Lindiwe Zuma

I started treatment in May 2018, weighing 40 kg.  I was very unhappy because I didn’t understand why I was ill and my husband had previously passed away because of coughing and my son was also TB positive.  I wasn’t taking the treatment well, I was just taking it whenever I wanted, and wasn’t adhering as they told me to at the clinic.

Mbalenhle’s TB journey

Feb 2019

Mbalenhle was diagnosed with TB after experiencing a persistent cough for 3 weeks and unexplainable weight loss. Her journey was not easy, as she had a lot of side effects.

Siyabonga Nkwanyana is hopeful about the future

Feb 2019
Siyabonga Nkwanyana

Before Siyabonga was diagnosed with TB, he was a chain smoker. His lack of appetite and subsequent weight loss as well as persistent cough forced him to visit the clinic.

From TB Survivor to TB Ambassador: The Story of Lolo Kekana

Aug 2017
From TB Survivor to TB Ambassador: The Story of Lolo Kekana

Lolo Kekana grew up in North West, a province in South Africa that borders Botswana. While attending Morongwa Primary school as a second grader in 1981, she was diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB) and sent to the George Stegmann District Hospital in Moruleng for treatment. Here she spent 6 months in a children’s ward under the supervision of Dr Roux and his nursing staff. 

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