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Men's Health Month

01 Jun 2020 to 30 Jun 2020

Men's Health Month

Men are not formally listed as a key population and/or vulnerable group that requires special attention in the South Africa National Strategic Plan for HIV, Tuberculosis and Sexually Transmitted Infections (2017-2022). However, the data highlights men and boys as a vulnerable group to ill-health, who need special healthcare services and attention from researchers, policymakers and practitioners in South Africa. 

  • TB is the leading cause of natural death among men
  • Men account for 56.6% of all TB deaths recorded     
  • More men (17%) report having multiple sexual partners than women (5%), which puts them at greater risk of HIV infection        
  • HIV testing rate among men of 15 to 49 years is 45%. The rate is 59% among women in the same age-range.

Other forms of risky behavior that increase chances that men will experience ill-health are smoking (30% of men report smoking) and risky drinking (28% of men report drinking 5+ standard measures of alcohol on a single occasion).

Implications of risky behavior and men not making use of available and free health services in relation to TB and HIV means that men suffer from ill-health more and die sooner.  We encourage men to prioritise their health and screen and test for HIV and TB regularly. 


Source of statistics South African Health Demographic Survey (SAHDS) (2016)