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Infection Prevention and Control in Hospitals: FAST

Finding TB cases, Actively screening, Separating safely and Treating comprise the central pillars to efforts aimed at reducing onward transmission of TB and avoid related deaths. The USAID TB South Africa Project implements the FAST Approach in health facilities within supported districts on the premise that most TB transmission occurs from infected populations with undiagnosed TB and who are, therefore, not being effectively managed.

DR-TB Patient Centered Care Package

The USAID TB South Africa Project contributes to efforts aimed at reaching global consensus on a package of essential DR-TB patient-centred services, and to translate that consensus into practical and flexible tools by piloting a cutting-edge approach in Eastern Cape, Free State and Limpopo provinces. The process was officially launched in July 2017.

Paediatric TB Patient Care

The USAID Tuberculosis South Africa Project uses its flagship Buddy Beat TB Package to contribute to effectively minimising anxiety in child patients and, by so-doing, increase retention in care and treatment outcomes among this vulnerable population. Buddy Beat TB is a friendly TB-fighting mascot developed to comfort and encourage pediatric patients to take their multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) treatment while admitted as in-patients in hospitals across South Africa.